The love of music, and the need to spread that love to a wider audience, is what gave birth to Nubian Beats. At Nubian Beats, we do not just produce music, we engineer inspired sounds. We make beats/instrumentals that are laid down through a carefully thought out plan – the melodies are inspired through different interactions with the environment before they are converted into sound.

As such, our music often sounds different from the mainstream. In fact we try to create some sort of an individuality in our music – the drums, the percussion, the melodies, all laid down to show “character”. We believe music should express itself through the instruments themselves, even though the vocals have not been added yet…

So if you are an artist, or an enthusiast, we would love to see you explore through our pages and discover new sounds. We would be glad to know you were inspired to create something new. We produce all kinds of music, but mostly focused on African music, as well as Hiphop or R&B with a unique ethnic twist. Drop us a line if you would like to make some kinds of arrangements, or would just like to give feedback.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at Nubian Beats!!